We offer our free capacity, welded machines, machine parts, boilers and other steel structures, agricultural machinery and construction of structures, manufacturing, and corrosion protection as follows.
Our activities include passenger cars, buses, trucks, and parts, components and other metallic and non-metallic products, parts for corrosion protection, surface treatment, both foreign and domestic consumption. The required corrosion protection coating technologies needs adaptive planning and implementation.
Corrosion protection pneumatic festékszórással, dipping technologies powder. Surface preparation blasting (Shot blasting, sand blasting). Application (phosphating, degreasing) demand for surface treatment processes.
High production capacity and flexible, adaptive demands quality work. Nearly four decades of production experience.
Pneumatic spraying, painting Martel, KTL technology, powder coating, Shot blasting

KTL useful size .: 4 meters x 2 meters x 1.6 meters.   (4000 mm x 2000 mm x 1600 mm)

ISO 16949

After a professional cleaning and pre-treatment, the cataphoretic immersion lacquering, shortly KTL, follows with final powder coating. This treatment guarantees a very smooth, elastic and resistant surface, which is protected against rust. This technology meets the economic and ecological requirements of the automotive industry and provides the perfect basis for robust metal parts.

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